Who is Coach Bilello?

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I am Coach Bilello, Chris, a husband and father...a family man, and I LOVE baseball, a sport I have been involved with most of my life. I grew up in a baseball family. My father was on the path to being a Major League pitcher but a torn rotator cuff put an end to that dream. His father – my grandfather –played semi pro ball and my uncle played in the Farm system of the Yankees. So baseball was all around me growing up, and as a result, I played baseball from the time I could stand up, until age and tender knees shifted me to softball! While my earlier years as a player were tremendous, my years as a coach have been just as satisfying. There's no greater feeling than having one of your players or their parents coming up to say "Coach Bilello, thank you for your help." 

I found out early enough in coaching that there weren't too many quality websites with real good baseball information…for players and coaches. Sure, there are some out there that are good, and I especially like qcbaseball.com, but many others appear to be there for the sole purpose of making money, and don’t offer very good in-depth information - just a few tid-bits and a link to buy one of their products. That is the primary reason for developing this site. To provide players of all levels and coaches at all levels the one stop shopping for tips, drills, instruction, theory, technique, and more…all designed with the sole purpose of learning the game, improving as a coach and player, and becoming a master in your field!

What Are My Credentials?

I played third base and catcher in College.  I was a shortstop and catcher in high school.  As a coach, I have conducted clinics, worked with some professional baseball players, and have seen several kids from our organization get drafted.  I have studied all aspects of the game, compared and contrasted various techniques and fundamentals, read many books and manuals, some very technical, on hitting, pitching fielding and every other realm of baseball, and determined a website like this where I could pass that information on would be a great way to go.  Baseball is an amazing game, and no two people agree on every aspect of the game.  Some believe in a rotational swing while others promote a linear swing.  Some folks love the instant replay and others think it is a bad thing and takes the human error element away.  As a pitcher, should you long toss or not?  If you are a catcher, is the best way to pop and throw via jab-step, pivot, or replace?  By no means am I saying my methods are the best way, or only way to do things.  But my information is backed by science and testing, and I offer them up as A WAY to make things happen on the baseball field. They are merely an option for you as a player and coach, but please read them with an open mind and understand that the advent of technology has really changed the way people perceive the game of baseball.  Along those lines, this site will also be set up to spawn discussion and debate – albeit very friendly debate.  Please, use my contact link and tell me what is on your mind.  This world we live in as coaches is small enough and we are a small fraternity, so we can most definitely learn from each other!

Let's Help Each Other

I learned a lot from my dad, the first Coach Bilello, about the game of baseball, especially the history of it.  I believe knowing the game itself makes it all that much more enjoyable, and definitely FUN.  In fact, he STILL teaches me a lot about baseball!  I learned a lot from my little league and youth coaches, and my high school coaches.  I continued to learn from my college coach , who has since passed, well past graduation, and I think of him often while I am out on the field with our teams.  Dave Beck and Jack Kasiski, who brought me in to their coacing ranks, taught and continue to teach me a great deal about this wonderful game.  Phil Kojack, the professional baseball player who owns the organization we are part of, Kojack Baseball Academy, or KBA (kojackbaseball.com), has taught and continues to teach me a ton!  And goodness, does he know pitching!My sincere desire is that this site can help many of you learn a lot, and at the same time, I can continue to keep learning from you. 

Do you need information from Coach Bilello About Baseball, Coaching or Training Aids?

If you have a question about anything baseball related, from history to technique to drills to baseball products, DO NOT hesitate to ask them.  If there is something you are struggling with, let me know, or post a comment and let an expert in our field give you some good advice.  If you prefer to use our “contact form”, I (Coach Bilello) will get you an answer as soon as I can.

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