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Working base running drills into your practice regimen can go a long way towards enhancing and increasing your opportunities to score, which will ultimately better your chances of winning.  Base running is an extremely important part of the game of baseball, and as is the case for most things, perfect practice is very important!  Keep in mind, though, that good speed and good base running are not the same, and as is the case with all things baseball, the more we practice, or better yet, perfectly practice, the better we become at even the most mundane tasks within the baseball worlds.  Now, by no means am I saying base running is a mundane task, as it is a critical part of the game, but for the most part, players would rather take batting practice, pitch and work bullpens, and take grounders and shag fly balls - - and work on other fielding at practice  -- as opposed to running the bases.  I think anything with the word “run” is pretty well frowned upon by most youth baseball players!  Again, as is the case with most of the drills and practice techniques, if you, as a coach, can make them interesting, make them fun, and make them competitive, they will most likely be better received.

Base Running and Small Ball

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In my article on manufacturing runs, I stressed the importance of small ball and its necessity for building runs, specifically in a close game where a run or two might make the difference between going home victorious or going home with a series of “what if’s” playing out in your head.  Remember, good teams are sometimes judged on their ability to manufacture runs and not just play for the three run homer.  One of the biggest obstacles to manufacturing a run is bad base running, which has the tendency to be a rally killer, a morale killer and will more often than not drive coaches bonkers.  While physical errors are certainly part of the game, mental errors, and mental errors on the base paths, are brutal, and don’t end up well.  The drills discussed in this section will undoubtedly improve an individual’s ability as a base runner, which will lead to better team base running, and will result in more runs…and ultimately, more wins!

Submit Your Best Base Running Drills

Do you have any great base running drills you do with your team as a coach, or know of as a player?  If so, while keeping with our goal of trying to make this website as great as possible, and as interactive as possible as well, please fill out the enclosed form below and submit anything you do or know as far as base running and base running drills.  All comments and submissions will be reviewed and posted if it meets the criteria.  So if it is a drill and it is for base running, it probably meets the criteria.  Let us know!

For now, however, click here to read about some good base running drills that can help teams and individuals become better base runners, which in turn, leads to more runs, and eventually, winning baseball.

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