Baseball Catcher Drills

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Are baseball catcher drills a big part of today's game?  Why do so many kids nowadays want to be a baseball catcher?  Easy...being a baseball catcher is exciting, fun, adventurous, and a very involved position...involved with every pitch, every play, and everything else!  That said, the catching position is also, undoubtedly, one of the most demanding in all of sports...not just baseball, but any sport.  It is also, potentially, one of the most thankless.  Think about is, as a catcher, you could be absolutely cruising through a game, flawlessly calling pitches, blocking everything, getting strikes for your pitcher by perfectly framing borderline pitches, catching popups, throwing runners out, etc.  Then WHAM  BAM, something suddenly goes very awry!!!  A walk, stolen base with a throw into centerfield and a passed ball later, you find yourself on the wrong side of a one run game and you just went from potential hero to probable goat!

Of course, some of those things are out of your control, but as the one player on the field involved with and looking out at every single play, sometimes it may feel like everything you do is magnified, and the pressure on you to perform is magnified tenfold!  And you find yourself wondering what, if anything, you can do to ensure you don't have collapses like this in the future (you will, however, since you are human)!!!  So even though you are bound to make mistakes in the future, your goal should be to limit them, and limit any associated damage, and one way to do this is to work, work, work on your game behind the plate.

Youth Baseball Catcher Drills

This section will explore and provide some great youth baseball catcher drills.  It will also allow you, the fan and reader of this website, to submit your own baseball catcher drills that you use, as a coach or player, in order to help improve the site.  The initial set of drills posted here are designed to be done at practice with a partner, or on your own, in order to give yourself the best possible chance for success.  For a more in-depth detailed look at the catcher position and to get some additional youth catchers drills and tips, and all kinds of catchers drills and tips, don’t hesitate to go to Xan Barksdale’s site on catching,

Photo of Va Black Sox courtesy of Christine Beck, Chesapeake, VA.  
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