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Wow, baseball memorabilia and baseball collectibles have certainly come a long way over the past 100 plus years.  More so, I think, over the past 25!  I vividly recall my days as a youngster in New York, watching baseball, playing baseball, thinking baseball, eating and sleeping baseball….well, you get the idea.  I also recall like it was yesterday the first set of Topps baseball cards I got, along with that nasty, stale, terribly delicious piece of gum that came with it.    But unless I’m mistaken, those Topps cards were the only baseball collectibles available, at least to the general fan wandering the streets of New York.  I don’t remember any other brand of cards at the local Five and Dime, nor do I remember any baseball collectible plates or knick knacks.  Now, there may have been some, but today, for certain, there are many, many options for getting your fill of baseball memorabilia and collectibles, including several different brands of cards being sought after by today’s youth baseball fans.

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Baseball Collectibles, Memorabilia and Products

Baseball, the all American pastime, is now adorned with many products and services available at various prices and costs to the sports enthusiast and fan, from the casual observer to the absolute die hard fanatic.  When many people begin to think about baseball memorabilia, right away they think of card collecting, which is still very popular.   Of course, some of the other products sought after by the sports fan of all types include autographed photos, baseballs, and equipment, various paintings on different items, protective gear and team memorabilia of all shapes and sizes.  Steve Ramer runs a fantastic website called, which specializes in all sorts of baseball collectibles and memorabilia, including painted bats and baseballs, shirts, art, and other really, really awesome collectibles, and these items can really get the young fan started on the right foot as far as collecting baseball memorabilia.  This web site is so unique and awesome that there is no doubt you will find some sort of collectable that is right up your alley that you will want to either use it to start a collection, or instantly add it to your existing baseball product collection.

Of course, one of the beautiful things about the game we love so much is how much it impacts other parts of our lives.  In this regard, for any baseball fan out there, regardless of age or gender, baseball collectibles and baseball memorabilia allow them to fantasize and take them to another place, time or special moment.  This is so very true because baseball is not only a sport, but an American ideal maker which brings families together and provides special moments that last forever.  As such, it generally provides a warm, comforting thought which makes the result of obtaining the specific baseball memorabilia and collectibles worth all the efforts the fan goes through.  You see, for the fan, baseball products are more than some inanimate objects that can be thrown in a corner and forgotten about.  A well thought of item is almost certainly something that has significant sentimental value and brings the fan back to a happier, simpler time.  Quite frankly, baseball collectibles, memorabilia and products hold a lot of sentimental value for many people.

For Love of the Game???

Today, collecting memorabilia and baseball products has steered some folks away from doing it for love of the game and towards doing it as a business venture or a way to make some money.  Some items that have significance in major league game situations can bring a pretty penny to the fan or observer lucky enough to get hold of it.  A future Hall of Famer’s 500th homerun ball, regular autographed ball or 3,000th hit ball could all bring a handsome reward to the person lucky enough to own it…from either the player who hit it, or via auction or some other means.  Also, some vintage or antique game equipment could now or soon be your diamond in the rough, since some old pieces bring a pretty penny among die hard collectors.  The prices of these items may range from a little to a lot but if the product is authentically autographed or from a special game, the price is sure to skyrocket.  

Baseball collectibles, memorabilia and products can serve us in many different and fulfilling ways, many of which are unexpected and fun.  Of course, as the collector, the final say is yours and yours only.  What will you do with the baseball products that you have or will collect?  Will you sell them, trade them, or keep them, for now?  Will you pass them down?  All of the options are definitely worthwhile, but keep in mind that not too long ago, a 1909 Honus Wagner baseball tobacco card once owned by hockey star Wayne Gretzky sold to a California collector for the whopping and record setting $2.35 million.  For some, this staggering figure alone may be tremendous incentive to look for some rare and older baseball products.  However, for others, those that collect baseball memorabilia for sentimental reasons, or merely for love of the game, just owning the coolest baseball memorabilia and having the greatest collection around may in fact be incentive enough to continue with this remarkable, incredibly fun and amazingly rewarding hobby!

Images courtesy of and used with permission of Steve Ramer,

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