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Welcome to the page of for baseball product reviews, where we will give you our unbiased opinions and reviews on baseball products - and softball products - of all types and uses.  We will review training aids, equipment, collectibles, stores, video games, and anything else you could think of relating to sports, and specifically, baseball…and softball!  This page is designed to be extremely interactive, so we are looking for inputs from cyber world out there, either on products you’ve used, products you want to use, those you are curious about, or anything else.  Our intent is to review swing and hitting training aids, pitching training aids, fielding and throwing training aids, mental baseball aids, equipment and more…so let us know exactly what you want to see, and if you have used a product and it has been great, or even bad, let us know as well.  You will also be able to chime in on our completed reviews to provide more information, agree or disagree with our remarks and findings, or even recommend a similar use product that you find works as well or better and may be a better value!  Again, our intent is to be 100% unbiased, and giving you, our readers, the chance to submit and publish YOUR OWN reviews, allows us to reach our goal of unbiased publishing.  Please, sound off here and let us know anything about baseball product reviews.

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Look, there are numerous training aids available on the market, and while some are really great, others are not, and some may be detrimental.  I vividly recall as a kid using the Johnny Bench Batter Up to work on my swing.  This device was similar to a currently available device I use with my son called the SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 swing trainer, in that you hit a ball attached to a rotating arm in order to get repetition - lots and lots of repetition.  The problem , or course, with something like this, is while it can most definitely be helpful to take hundreds of swings, you absolutely must know if you are doing them correctly, since perfect practice makes perfect, and if we are swinging incorrectly during our practices, we are merely ingraining improper form and fundamentals, which will be difficult to correct in the future.  This page will hopefully provide you with great baseball product reviews and the information necessary to make sound decisions on training aids, including swing trainers, fielding training aids, picthing training aids, throwing training aids, and anything else baseball and softball related!

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