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Hitting drills are critical to the success of baseball and softball players, no matter what their age or level is!  As thousands of ballplayers long before me have said – and thousands more will continue to say, hitting a round ball with a round bat squarely is one of the hardest things to do in the entire sporting world.  If you have a minor flaw in your swing that throws your timing off by a millisecond, you will not hit it squarely.  If you miss the barrel of the bat by a millimeter, you will not get your desired effect.  Honestly, there is VERY LITTLE difference between a foul ball straight back and a rocket line drive over the center fielder’s head!  As baseball players know all too well, baseball is a game of failure, and the batter who actually fails 70% of the time is a superstar.  The intent, therefore, is to minimize failure at the plate, and improving the subtleties and different nuances that can lead to this minimization of failure will lead to better results at the dish.  So, the bottom line is this – hitting drills are absolutely critical for batters of any level to improve and get on their way to being a great baseball player.  As has been a major theme throughout the pages of this website, the importance of conducting baseball drills cannot be understated, starting with youth baseball drills, and continuing as far as you go from there, as drills are the cornerstone of baseball fundamentals, and doing baseball drills is also the foundation of improving your game…going from good to great and then great to elite.

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Why Do Hitting Drills???

A hitting drill is an exercise…designed to provide the repetition necessary to develop proper muscle memory.  Drills are used by coaches to train their players and players use drills to train their bodies to perform the required movements so they can perform them naturally in any situation. Since there is no doubt that batting drills used wisely and correctly dramatically improve muscle memory, which in turn improves hitting skills, it is imperative that a good set of hitting drills be incorporated into practice sessions. Of course, batting drills can help hitters of all levels, including those who are currently struggling, or, gasp, slumping! First things first, a batter conducting drills, even one on a roll, has to have a purpose, and the slumping player needs to know what he is doing wrong and what part of his swing needs to be worked on. Using video analysis or merely the inputs of those that are experts in the field, a hitter can identify what part or parts of the swing need fine tuning or improvement, and then work a drill that focuses and isolates that specific area being worked. Keep in mind, however, another theme of this website, and that is perfect practice makes perfect - in essence, practice makes permanent! As long as the repetition is done with the proper form, batting drills can help turn a flawed swing into one that is powerful, strong and efficient –and potentially feared, very quickly. So when conducting hitting drills of any type, take them seriously, do them correctly and still have fun in doing so! If you focus during practice and during drills, you WILL get better. And remember, continuing to work and conduct drills properly and effectively outside of practice will also help put you on the path to becoming a great baseball player!

As coaches, we work hard and strive to ensure that our players continue to improve and progress, and the batting drills we utilize should allow for this. These drills need to be flexible and mobile, inform and educate, and prepare our players to be ready for bigger and better things. Remember, we practice like we play and we play like we practice, so if our practices are productive, it will be reflected on the field in game results. And since we, as coaches, are ALL coaching to get our young men ready for higher levels of ball, and are certainly in it to help each other out, if you have any great hitting drills you use or know of, please submit them using the contact section, or the form on the drills web page below. Thank you!

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Do you use or know of some great drills to help your players or team?

If you use or know of some killer drills that can help individuals progress or teams get better, please, let us know! We accept all inputs and thoughts on all drills...hitting, pitching, catching, fielding, youth and Little League...it doesn't matter!!!

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