Youth Baseball Drills

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Youth baseball drills are incredibly important!  Most youth baseball players or Little Leaguers dream of one day playing in the big leagues, and part of their dreams perhaps include one day being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  There are countless youth baseball drills and even more tips and training techniques designed to get the youth ballplayer ready for high school ball and beyond.  And of course while these drills and tips may not get you to the big leagues or even high school and beyond, there is absolutely one sure fire no doubt about it 100 percent accurate works every time method to get you into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  And that is either Route 28 or Route 80 to Main Street in Cooperstown, and when you hit 25 Main Street you have arrived at your destination!

Other than that, you could have all the god given talent in the world, but that simply won’t be enough to get you to the majors, let alone the Hall of Fame.  You’ve seen the tee shirts and heard the comments about talent meaning nothing without hard work, and you’ve probably heard Tim Tebow’s comments about hard work beating talent when talent doesn’t work hard, so you are probably well aware that in order to be the best, you need to work hard.  It’s great to be the best little league player, or youth player, but things eventually even out and people catch up, so you really want to aim to be the best when you are 16, 17 and 18…and beyond.  This is where those countless hours of performing youth baseball drills and doing strength and conditioning and other training will most certainly pay off.

For Youth Baseball Drills, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Images of VA Black Sox courtesy of Christine Beck, Chesapeake, VA.
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We’ve all heard the term “practice makes perfect”. While a better way to put it may be “perfect practice makes perfect,” we understand the meaning and intent, and as coaches and parents, we are constantly on the lookout for drills and skills that are going to make our children and players better. Correct repetition of skills is the best way to get our young players to the point where natural baseball activities and motions are second nature, which will easily allow them to perform better. Knowing what to do in a certain situation is the backbone of a great player, and the more time you put in working on your skills, the more inclined you will be to do the right thing at the right time. We tell our kids all the time that you play like you practice and you practice like you play, and there is great truth to this statement. Put some of the drills in this section to good use and watch your young players and team improve and have fun playing the great game of baseball!

The drills included in this section are merely a starting point designed for the youth player or little leaguer to learn and eventually enhance and improve the skills necessary to compete in baseball.   Practicing these drills will ensure the younger players continue to develop the proper habits and improve their overall skill level. This particular piece and follow on articles will introduce the beginning player to a set of youth baseball drills that will be the solid foundation of a training program designed to make him or her stand out as a little leaguer or travel ball player, and allow him to build on the skills learned in order to stand out even more as he heads towards middle school and high school ball. That said, this is merely the beginning and there will additional articles on skills and drills and tips for all levels of baseball player, from the youth baseball player to little leaguer to high school player and beyond.

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